For girls and boys from 10 to 18 years old / St. Martin on Mura

Handball Camp

04.07. – 10.07.2021.

What we offer.

Surrounded with beautiful landscapes and intact nature, the "Let's Play" handball Camp at Sveti Martin na Muri is a place that emanates warmth and beauty, but at the same time, the grounds offer top notch sports facilities such as trim-tracks, aqua-pools, adrenaline park, etc.Primary goals of the camp are well-rounded handball education through theory and interactive workshops, whereas the main, practical part is held in the sport hall or on the outside field. The camp program covers everything from transitions, defense, methodology and fitness to age adapted nutrition for athletes.


With rich amenities, wellness resort „Sveti Martin“ are an ideal location for practisig handball.

Professional Staff

Our professional coaching team is here to help you get the most out of the training program.


Refine your handball technique on individual approach with our coaches.

Top Faclities
Top handball hall
Great accommodation
Full board

About Camp.

We have the best conditions in Croatia for the development of young handball players!

Surrounded with beautiful landscapes and intact nature, the “Let’s Play” handball camp at Sv. Martin na Muri is a place that emanates warmth and beauty. At the same time, the grounds offer top notch sports facilities such as trim-tracks, aqua-pools, adrenaline park and a relaxation area. The main goal of the program is to provide all participants with a wholesome education about different segments of handball.

Through theoretical classes, interactive workshops and game practice in the gym and outside court, the topics of transition, defense, methodology and fitness shall be covered. Also, our goal is to teach children how to think and make healthy choices further in life. Workshops about nutrition for athletes and personal motivation shall also be covered.

Through the week-long program, girls and boys will have the opportunity to master basics of playing handball, in addition to other supplemental activities. Besides focusing on technique and movement, a special part of the program is dedicated to fitness training which will be conducted at the trim track, so that kids could feel the uneven and hilly ground. To make the training program a well-rounded one, part of it will take place at the gym with carefully chosen and age adapted exercises without using any machines, but rather relying on one’s own bodyweight. This way, the focus will be directly stability and agility of muscles involved during a handball game.

Rich content.

In addition to the core educational program, there are other fun and recreational activities kids can participate in their free time, as we feel it’s an important part of the whole learning and social experience. They can choose to part-take in running on the trim track, exercise under supervision in the gym, have fun in the aqua park or relax in the massage pools. In the evenings, there are going to be film projections based on sport topics to help bring the notion of a healthy sport life closer to the kids understanding.
Aqua park
Thermal waters
Trim tracks
Massage & Neurokinetic
Lectures and cinema hall
Fun and animation evenings

Professional Staff.

Our professional coaching staff will be at your disposal during every step of the way of the educational and training program. Through a combination of handball practice and interactive workshops, we connect youth from all of Europe. Let’s Play handball camp at Sveti Martin na Muri puts emphasis on positive messages about team work, leadership, violence-free communication, resolving conflict and an overall healthy lifestyle.


Fill out the digital form and sign up online! The cost of registration is 70,00 euro with the payment of first instalment. The rest may be paid mounthly till the arrival to the campus.

Summer camp: 04.07. - 10.07.2021.
For girls and boys from 10 to 18 years

Camp price: 350 €



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